Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1How will I know if the school is closed due to weather (ie. Snowstorm)?

In case of icy roads, severe snow fall or extreme cold, etc. the centre may close if it is unsafe for staff and children to be travelling the roads. When area buses are cancelled, please listen to B-101, 107.5, A-Channel (news release banner on bottom of screen) and/or check the answering machine (705-435-2482) or website. Our message will be changed to keep you informed. Always use your own best judgement when driving in poor conditions.

2My child is not feeling well and I’m not sure if he/she should still attend class?

Please notify the preschool if your child is going to be absent. A message can be left any time of the day. Please explain symptoms so we can watch for like-symptoms and warn others. Contagious diseases like chicken pox, strep throat, impetigo, pink eye, flu, etc. must be reported. Please report head lice and food poisoning as well. No child shall attend the preschool if infected with a contagious illness or disease. Fever of 100.4F/38C or more indicates illness or disease. Public Health suggests that any fever be seen by a physician. A serious cold is indicated by the presence of discoloured nasal discharge, continuous cough or fever. Staff have the right to ask that the child be taken home. Please use your best judgement and think of the other children and the senior residents of Riverwood Retirement Home.

3My child needs to take medicine while at school. What is the procedure for this?

Only prescription medication, in its original container, may be administered by our staff. A medication form must be completed by parent/guardian.

4What should my child wear/bring to school?

Each day your child will need indoor shoes and a complete change of clothes (which can be left in a bag on their coat hook). Leave outdoor shoes on floor under coat hook. Please dress your child appropriately each day. Keep in mind that we will be painting, pouring our own juice, water play, outdoor play, etc. It is good to wear layers in cooler weather. This way your child can remove a layer in the classroom if too hot. Please dress for the weather each day. Mitts, hats, snow pants, boots, splash pants, sunscreen, sun hats, etc. Please LABEL all clothing/shoes the best you can – as staff are not responsible for lost articles. Help your child to recognize their own belongings.

5 What time should I drop off and/or pick-up my child?

The coatroom is open early to get your child ready, but the classroom doors don’t open until 8:55am and 12:40pm. Pick-up times are 11:30am and 3:15pm sharp. Late fees are $5 for each 10 minutes late.

6My child is still in diapers, can he/she still attend?

Yes. It is not a requirement that your child is toilet trained, however, our teachers will encourage toilet training and assist each child in learning proper toileting techniques. If your child is still in diapers, you will need to bring in a small supply of diapers/pull-ups for us to keep on hand for him/her.

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