COOSHA Calendar

Get a chance to have CKP’s important events and
meal plans directly on your smartphone.

COOSHA Calendar One Hub. One Network.

Keep up to date with all the fun and exciting events going on throughout the year, with COOSHA Calendar.

Follow CKPAlliston and get instantly notified when there are field trips, when book orders are due, board meetings, open house and even your child’s day-to-day meal plan.

 Getting Started:

  1. Download COOSHA from the App Store and Google Play
  2. Register and activate your account via email (Please make sure to type in your email address correctly)
  3. Find Search Members in your settings, and search for Tap Add Member to send a friend request.
  4. CKP will accept your friend request
  5. CKP will send you a request to join two group calendars:
    1. CKP Meals
    2. CKP Alliston Events

Accept the INVITATION to each group calendar. Going forward you will be notified when a new event has been added to the calendar, updated or cancelled. Events created by CKPAlliston will sync to COOSHA. Create your own reminders (and even multiple reminders) and never miss an important event.

Note: If you do not receive the activation email, tap Resend Activation from the log in screen. The email address you registered with will show up in a pop up message. Read it carefully to ensure it was typed in correctly. If not, you can tap the next option to re-enter your email address and send the request.


What is a COOSHA?

COOSHA is a calendar that makes it easy to stay connected to people in your network with flexible sharing. COOrdinate and SHAre as much or as little as you like.

Create your own personal calendars to keep schedules separate (you don’t have to populate someone else’s calendar to let them know what you’re doing and when), and even sync schedules with group calendars. Plan by visiting other profiles to see what people are up to.

Plus create shareable lists for any purpose. Whether you’re sharing a grocery list, managing a project, planning a trip or just keeping track of household chores.

Visit for more information.

Download it today for free

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